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to our cultural heritage with its elegance and masterpieces; Mastery, fine workmanship, art and design that left their mark on the universal with the sophisticated Seljuk and Ottoman period architecture and works. Displaying its most beautiful works in monumental crown gates, city and palace walls, courtyards of mosques and madrasahs, main gates, column capitals, minaret balconies, mihrabs, pulpits, fountains, fountains and fountains; Our stone arts, artists and masters, who put their skills to the service of tombstones in the most intensive use area outside of architecture, come to life with geometric braids, interlockings, floral decorations, low/high relief animal figures and palmettes. and many elegant decorations. Hasankeyf is the well-deserved stop of Anatolia’s unique craftsmanship, mastery and stonemasonry art, which has maintained its title since the first day. He engraves his feelings, hopes, joys, sorrows and pains on stones as if he were writing poetry or painting; It also describes the professional etiquette of ‘earning your bread from a stone’; To our masters who enlighten, inspire and make us proud of the times they lived in, our present and our future,
to our artists, stone designers; As for Hasankeyf. The vase, in which the stone relief with the Esma’ül Hüsna inscription located on the crown gate of the El-Rızk Mosque from the Ayyubid Period, is patterned and the patterns without inscriptions are reflected on the natural travertine stone, is made of handmade glass. All relief patterns are decorated with glass paint; Paşabahçe’s handicraft and mastery
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Hasankeyf Vase production is limited to 2,000 pieces.


Diameter: 25 cm
Height: 18 cm
Color/Style: Set

100% handmade.
Product origin: Turkish
Cleaning suggestion: Wipe it with a dry cloth.

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Dimensions25 × 18 cm



Beige, Clear